Kleoni Hotel & Apartments | Tolo Argolis



Kleoni Club Apartments consists of independent, self – catering Apartments having their own private entrance, as well as Hotel type double rooms, creating the best possible feeling of safety for our guests. Our highest priority is the safe stay of our clients, while ensuring the health of our employees and our suppliers alike. This is the new reality, new Health Regulations are imposed to be followed thoroughly by us all, whilst our complex has fully adapted the State Health First Hygienic Protocol.


Protection Regulations according to Hygienic Protocol by the State No. 1881/29-5-2020 (G.P. 2084B/30-5-2020)

  • We have a family run business with specific, well trained personnel. Our staff is equipped with all necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required.
  • Official assigned Health Specialist trained to act upon instructions by Officials for testing suspected case. At the same time, through telemedicine, the suspected case will be monitored accordingly.
  • Disinfection of all rooms with a certified disinfection appliance, after each individual room has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Mandatory temperature reading checks of all guests upon arrival. Should in the unlikely event a guest denies standard mandatory COVID19 Protection Procedure, we retain every right not to accept this reservation by Law.
  • All room Check Outs will be completed maximum by 11:00. All Arrivals will start taking place after 15:00. This timetable will be strictly followed, in order to allow necessary time for all cleaning and disinfection procedures to take place accordingly.
  • Check in procedures in an open- air space.
  • Limited personnel contact with our guests is mandatory procedure followed, rooms will not be entered by our staff unless otherwise requested.
  • All linen is taken care of in-house, using strictly high-quality professional machinery and washing/ironing methods.
  • All spaces are properly aired
  • We promote the use of communication applications for our guests (e.g. Viber, Messenger)
  • This summer our restaurant will not cater for breakfast, nor any other meals.
  • Regarding the swimming pool usage, there will be a strict limitation regarding numbers in the water.
  • Strict supervision and thorough checks regarding the swimming pool water meeting all legal quality criteria and thresholds.
  • Sunbeds located at a minimum of 2 metres distance.



We welcome you in a family environment, sensibly and responsibly, while guided by Social Distancing, Methods of Self-Protection and Hand Hygiene. This will ensure you will enjoy Safe, Happy Holidays while absorbing the beauty of what our destination has to offer.